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Pet Loss Poem: Pawprints Left by You

I wrote Pawprints Left by You, a pet loss poem, after my husband and I lost our first "baby". Kip, a German shepherd was our first parenting experience. You know what I mean. He lived until our first two boys were 3 and 4 years old. They don't have too many memories from that time, but we certainly do. His distaste for the UPS man, but his love of ripping open the boxes he delivered. His obsession with frisbees, his fear of the hose and loud noises, and the way he turned his head when you were talking to him. Like he understood everything you were saying- as pictured below!

Pet Loss Poem: The Orange Slice

What struck me the most after Kip was gone, was the silence. I understood the contradiction of "deafening silence". When coping with the loss of a pet, I think the lines, "I still listen for you, and miss you everyday." ring so true with pet owners and address the loneliness when the pets sounds and warmth no longer fill a home. No human will ever greet you at the door like a pet. On your worst day, they love you the same. I have found my words of sympathy have struck a cord with so many grieving the loss of a pet, whether dealing with the death of a dog or a cat. For National Pet Month, I share my words and hope they will bring comfort to those remembering a beloved pet this month.


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