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A Unique Gender Reveal Gift

There are so many unique gender reveal gifts and ideas that have been created in the last 5 years to reveal baby's gender. Adorable and creative gender reveal themes, games, center-filled cakes, party favors, facebook posts... you name it. Just visit Pinterest and you will witness all kind of wonderful ways to announce baby's gender.
Our ultrasound gifts here at The Grandparent Gift Co have always been a customer go-to for announcing baby on the way, that we we wanted to enter the gender reveal party too! I have always loved birds and bird nests and all they represent about motherhood and family. One of my favorite childhood stories is "Are you my Mother?". I am always telling my kids that I am the Mama Bird and they are my baby birds. It is my job to teach them to how to fly. And one day, when they leave my nest, (coming much sooner than I ever imagined) I will only know if I did my job, when they take flight. Leaving the nest and falling straight to the ground would not be a sound testament to my parenting! So I thought the nest was a perfect place to start to create our new gender reveal frame, The Best of Us. The Best of Us, a sweet way to acknowledge both Mommy and Daddy, is the sentiment for our new gift. An adorable nest is featured on the artwork, which comes with a single brown egg sitting sweetly inside. One the back of the frame you will find a little instruction card with 2 pink and 2 blue eggs. When you are ready to reveal baby's gender, use the tape provided and place the colored egg of your choice over the brown egg. The frame also has enough eggs to be perfect for a twin reveal. The frame holds baby's ultrasound photo and later, baby's photo. gender reveal frame Have fun using this frame at a themed gender reveal party or as a fun way to tell a spouse or grandparents whether your life will soon be filled with pink or blue. Have you been to a gender reveal party? What is your favorite gift or idea?