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Grandma Names Today: Fun and Creative

Recently I thought I would have a little fun with a facebook post. From the post, I received a list of Grandma Names which was very impressive! I posed the question, "what do your grandkids call you?" yourname Having created gifts for grandparents for the past 18 years, I thought I was “up” on these things. Turns out I still had some things to learn. From reading all the wonderful responses, here is what today’s grandmas are saying about their grandkids and their unique Grandma names.
  1. Best Laid Plans

Although some grandmas had their Grandma name picked before the sweet grandbaby arrived, many grandmas told me their grandchildren didn’t always comply. Many grandmas found their names by what the first little one could say- Mama, Maimai, Ging Ging, K, Ga, Mamo… I see a pattern here! Toddler speak turns into a name and many times it sticks! One of the most popular Grandma names is now Mimi. Grandmas love it and so do little ones as it is golden to their tongues- easy to pronounce. What better toddler word is there than “ME?!” mimi
  1. Just Call Me

When the plan is foiled or the name is unusual, most Grandmas didn’t seem to mind. They are so smitten with the grandbaby all they really want is to be recognized and loved. I think a unique grandma name makes a grandma feel more special. It also adds to the cuteness factor when you hear tr said by a sweet little voice. Many grandmas shared the sentiment, “I don’t care what they call me, I am just happy for them to call me.” Some grandmas have multiple names from different grandchildren, whether it be from different sides of the family, step-children etc.. They have to keep up with who they are. Sometimes their first name changes as the years go by. One Grandma said all the kids, neighbor kids included, now call her “Sugar” which is her grandma name.
  1. A Story to Tell

Having a sweet or funny story on how their name came to be makes a grandma more proud of her unique name. An Alabama fan became Bamaw, a great-grandma became Great One. Sometimes family heritage or history plays a role in names such as Nona or Nonnie, Ya Ya and Oma.
  1. So Who’s the Winner?

From my little survey, here are the top names (hint- it is NOT Grandma)
  1. Nana
  2. Grammy/Grammie
  3. Mimi (or MeMe)
  4. Memaw (lots of different spellings)
  5. Grandma
  6. Gramma
  7. Gigi/G G
  8. Mom Mom
  9. Nonnie/Nonni
PicMonkey Collage2 As you can see, getting the spelling right is also a challenge!
  1. The Coming Trend?

With lots of wonderfully sweet grandma names on my list, here are a few that you may hear more of in the future: Sunny, Honey, Cookie, Sugar, Lovey and Lolly. (combine this one with Pop and you have a really fun couple) What do your grandkids call you? To join the fun and conversation, Like us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter to participate in future contests, drawing and more ideas and gifts for the entire family.