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Father’s Day Card Idea: Easy and Meaningful!

I don’t know about you, but my husband isn’t a very good saver. I don’t mean saving money, but saving sentimental things like many moms. ..sweet letters and drawings from the kids, hilarious notes, those "things." So when my kids were little and I wanted a meaningful but easy Father's Day card idea I could give from the kids. I came up with an idea we have used every year since. Father's Day Card Idea | Grandparent Gift Co

Father's Day Card Idea

I call it a Father’s Day card journal and it is so simple yet perfect every single Father’s Day. Instead of buying or making him cards, they write their Father’s day greeting in the journal. (excuse the smears, but I said we have been using this for years!) Each child gets a page and puts their name and year on it. They then can draw or write whatever message they like on that years page.

Why this Works

1. Everything is in one place. No lost cards, no pile of stuff, no box of things to organize. Buy a blank journal, best to purchase one with ample pages. Make sure the paper is a nice thick quality so when the kids choose Sharpies one year, everything doesn't bleed through. I like the ones with spiral binding because it lies flat for easy writing. I think I may have gotten the one I used in the art/drawing section of Micheal’s years ago. I had some vinyl letters put on the front, but this creative part I leave to you and your kid’s imaginations. Father's Day Card Idea | Grandparent Gift Co 2. Watching the kids grow Each year you not only get to enjoy the present, but relive and enjoy the past. Everyone loves to look at their younger selves. Good for a few family laughs and a few pulled heartstrings. After Father’s Day, I tuck the journal away IN THE SAME PLACE, so I can easily find it next year. Father's Day Card Idea | Grandparent Gift Co 3. A Future Keepsake When the kids are grown and gone, Dad will have an irreplaceable treasured keepsake from the kids all bound in one nice album, albeit a few tears and smears over the years. (but that will be part of the charm and memories too!) Do you have a great card or gift idea for Father's Day? For other great gifts visit us at a Rafflecopter giveaway