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And This Too Shall Pass

AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS… heirloom photos 1 006 Have you ever heard the saying? Have you ever said it to yourself? or someone else? I have. To be honest, I am not sure if I like it, at least when it comes to parenting. For me, it’s cloaked in getting through something, toughing it out, and wishing for an end. I remember the baby days, so exhausted, most days muddling through in a sleep-deprived daze. Thinking you will remember when you fed and changed baby, and 30 minutes later asking yourself "Did I forget to feed and change the baby?" Friends offer, “and this too shall pass…wait until they can walk and talk, it is so much easier!” Then comes the walking and talking toddler years and oh my! Who would have thought it would require physical prowess, negotiating and child psychology skills to get a pair of shoes on a 3- year old. But remember, and this too shall pass. Wait until they can be more reasonable…Yes, so reasonable that every request is cause for debate or argument, ultimately ending in an “eye roll”. You’ve had these moments…and yes, these too shall pass. But with these moments, go other moments, like the soft, chubby toddler arms wrapped around you because you ARE the best thing ever, or a card with little stick people with the arms coming from their heads scribbled just for you, or a heart-to-heart talk with a teen who is interested in your advice and guidance. These moments too shall pass… I am going to choose not to wish for time to pass, but instead when life gives me moments I mistakenly want to wish away..I think I will just BREATHE through them. After all, isn’t it the first and best parenting advice we received anyway? Until another day...Teri