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A Few Thoughts on Grandkids

I write a lot about grandkids and have for over 18 years. It is not that I am a grandparent myself, but that I am a grandchild and a great observer of my parents and grandparents. Here are a few thoughts about the special relationship between the generations. Lessons from Grandkids… a few life observations… That old on the outside, can still be young on the inside. Never say “no” to seconds. It’s OK to eat a little dirt occasionally. The best gifts are hand drawn and heart spoken. Simple walks make great moments. A grandparent's heart has super human powers. It's how we look at life...A dandelion is a flower. Puddles never have no swimming signs. Fingerprints on glass are stains on the heart. “Why” is a perfectly good question. Grandkids are like dessert, saving the best for last. Naps are good for your mood at any age. Comments about body parts aren’t mean, just honest observations. The best compliment is grandkids fighting over your lap or your hand.