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Unique Pet Memorial Gifts

When a pet passes on, everyone in the family feels the loss of the unique companionship that only animals can offer. At The Grandparent Gift Co., we stock pet loss gifts to lift spirits and commemorate the furry friend that everyone loved. From pet memorial plaques to pet loss poems, our unique pet memorial gifts are just what any family needs to remember their beloved pets for years to come, while easing the burden of loss felt today.

All of our pet-themed gifts feature a cat and dog memorial poem titled "Pawprints Left by You.", written by The Grandparent Gift co owner, Teri Harrison. Some are simply the framed poem that captures how pets make people feel while others offer space to display a photo of Fido or Fluffy. Hang a collage frame on the wall or create a memorial pet ornament to capture the essence of dogs, cats and other pets who have left “paw prints on your heart.”

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